Clay In the Potters Hands

I'm telling you that God must have me right where we he wants me.

 I have always prayed that God mold me into clay He can use.. Putting myself at the mercy of The Potters Hands is a good goal. And it sounded good and godly and it kinda has a ring to it. There's an entire church named The Potters House! It's a good thing! But y'all.. God took me up on my word!! Umm Jesus..seriously, you are literally stretching and pulling at my life. Daily I am dependent on your strength - and I know that this was the purpose.

 I had to pray for God to give me a thirst for God's word. I used to wonder what the lives were of the women I would see with all the Instagram posts with a steaming cup of coffee and a Bible with the perfect lighting covered in a God breathed sentiment. Maybe if I bought all the devotionals (I mean all the devotionals) the pens the markers I could get there. It didn't happen. Well the buying did, but the peace didn't.
Fast forward to today. I get it. Those perfect pictures are built on tearful nights. We usually only show the perfected pieces. You don't get the to see the heart surgeries at midnight, wailing prayers to God that this pain HAS to bring purpose.

 During this time God is showing me that the real work happens when we take off the veil, share the testimony, reveal the shame of defeat. This week I'm challenging myself and anyone who's reading to share the messy parts of your life with someone else for God's glory. Let's share how God put the puzzle pieces of the past together. ttyl

Fresh Start

Where do I start? This isn't exactly an MS Blog - it's more of a life blog that tackles living with an invisible..ish disease, a 30's woman having to move in with her parents, a transition back to Texas, all wrapped up in a woman who refuses to complain.
It's complete chaos - and it's all mine. 2015 has been REAL! Let me start by saying... I trust GOD. I believe in Jesus Christ and do my best to be willing clay as He molds my life into something usable for His glory.. But life right now is tough. I'm not a blogger and right about now I'm feeling that this probably isn't  the best way to start a post .